For Buyers

Why buy with Aljaž?


I am experienced, full-time real estate agent committed to offering open and in-person availability to match your schedule, all while providing the highest quality of service, skill, and knowledge to home-buyers.


I am very easy to contact, you can contact me 7 days a week and I will try to answer all emails as soon as possible. I also make myself available to show properties given reasonable notice.


I am connected to the best real estate professionals in Slovenia including the entire team of our real estate agency, architects, lawyers and banking consultants. This access will ensure that you will have answer to all your questions when purchasing a home in Slovenia.

What you can expect:

In depth process explanation

We make things straightforward from the start with an in-depth explanation of the home buying process, including how to get started, next steps, basics of the offer, plus any additional questions from you.

Closing costs

Knowing the cost to buy from the start helps to avoid any surprises later. We go through all the closing costs you should be aware when buying a propery in Slovenia plus identify any tax exemptions you may qualify for to help save you money.

Market value

We want you to feel empowered knowing that you are making an informed purchasing decision. We explain how to determine market value & later provide market analysis of your properties of interest so you know the sales & market facts to avoid risk of overpaying.

Contract and document review

It’s important that you know what you’re signing, so we go through the contract in detail to make sure you’re confident & comfortable. We also assist in reviewing important documents at closing.

Let’s find your new home!