How to prepare a house for sale

Have you decided to sell your property in Slovenia and you are wondering how to prepare it for sale? Although home staging in Slovenia is not as common as in some other countris preparing the property for sale is still necessary and can help you to the successful sale of your home. Assuming that you have all your documents in order, we will go through some other points that we must pay attention to when preparing our house for sale.

When you are selling real estate for the first time, or if you are just selling it yourself, preparing the real estate for sale is especially important. If you work with a real estate agent ask him/her for an advise on how to prepare it a house for sale and if he/she have any suggestions before putting it on sale.

Basics such as replacing non-working lights, cleaning and painting are highly recommended before listing the property and you can certainly do them yourself. Of course, with a well-defined plan, you can prepare more easily and, as a result, improve your chances of making a faster sale. The things that need to be taken into account when preparing a property for sale are:


Despite the fact that you may not be an expert in renovations, these are definitely necessary if you want the sale to go faster and smoother. Minor repairs that can be fixed may seem rather unimportant, but buyers will quickly notice them if you do not fix them and will reduce the value of the property in their eyes.

Make sure appliances are in working order, otherwise either repair them or remove them from the property. If major repairs are necessary, it is worth considering whether it makes sense to repair them in terms of time and money, or to sell the property in its existing condition and set the price accordingly. Potential customers can quickly notice mistakes, we recommend that you are open about these with buyers and do not try to hide them.

Cleaning and painting

It may sound obvious, but it is imperative that you do a deep clean of your property before selling it. Painting the entire property is also recommended. In any case, make sure that the house or apartment looks well-kept, otherwise you will give the buyer the impression that you have not cleaned and maintained it regularly.

Depersonalization at home

Avoid all unnecessary things and put away any personal belongings and take them out of the property. Everything that is unnecessary also visually reduces the space. In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings with buyers, we also recommend that you remove all equipment and things that you do not intend to leave in the property, before taking photos and starting any showigns with the buyers or organizing open houses.

Proffesional photos

Since we live in a time when the most of people when looking for a house or apartment first find themselves on the Internet, high-quality photos and well-designed floor plans of your property are of great importance. Of course, for the best quality photos, it is best to contact professional photographers such as, who offers one of the best real estate quality photos in Slovenia. In case that you will sign a brokerage agreement with our agency professional photos and floor plans are already included in our brokerage fee.

If you are going to the photos yourself, make sure you do it on a sunny day with good light. We also reccomend that during showings and open haouses you make the rooms as bright as possible by turning on all the lights and ensuring a pleasant atmosphere.

Setting the listing price

An important part of preparing the property for sale is also to setting the right price at the very beginning and definitely avoid lowering it later, as this may arouse mistrust in buyers. It is recommended to ask a real estate agent for help in estimating the market value of the property. Did you know that Agent Aljaž performs a market analysis of your property for free and proposes the optimal advertised price based on this. You can contact us here.

So if you take care of all the above and maybe add a fresh bouquet of flowers on the table, the sale will definitely go smoother and faster. If you are wondering what is the sales process and timeline in Slovenia read this article.

Hana Aškerc