Energy certificate when selling the property in Slovenia?

Are you in the process of Selling the proerty in Slovenia? Then you will need to obtain the energy certificate

What is an energy certificate?

The building’s energy certificate is a document with data on the building’s energy efficiency and recommendations for increasing energy efficiency, and is a mandatory element when selling real estate in Slovenia. The energy certificate for the apartment or house must be obtained before the owner or the real estate agency can start selling the property.

Who need an energy certificate?

All owners who want to sell or rent their property for a period longer than one year will need an energy certificate.

By law, a real estate agency or owner may not advertise a property without an energy certificate.

Where can we order an energy certificate

The easiest way to obtain offers for the production of an energy certificate is via the portal

Is the cost of an energy certificate already included in the brokerage fee?

The cost of obtaining an energy certificate when selling a property is generally payed by the owner himself and must be provided before the real estate agency can start selling and advertising the property.